Our Policy

We believe that it is both our progressive and moral duty to invest in the economic empowerment of disadvantaged individuals.

We commit ourselves to adopting and implementing policies that address affirmative action in the following areas:
Recruitment and development of staff through implementations of an in-house advancement

  • Equity
  • Social Responsibility

The company’s objective is to implement the transformation charter and comply with the Employment Equity Act NO. 55 OF 1998 by focusing on:


  • Internal transformation which will build on the company’s internal transformation successes already achieved
  • The company’s social responsibility objectives within the industry and to the broader community

Equity Policy

The company commits itself to ensuring equal employment opportunity practices, by enforcing the right of fundamental equality and opportunity for all employees, as well as the right of every person to be protected against employment discrimination on the grounds of race, gender or disability.



It is the company’s policy to develop all our people to their maximum potential capability through training in order to promote employee efficiency and to enable the company to achieve rising levels of productivity and competitiveness.



Leitch Landscapes is committed to providing our employees with a safe and healthy workplace. Senior management will be actively involved with employees in establishing and maintaining an effective safety program. Our safety program coordinator or other members of our management team will ensure on-going safety and health program activities, which include:

  • Promoting safety committee participation
  • Providing safety and health education and training; and
  • Reviewing and updating workplace safety rules.

This policy statement serves to express management’s commitment to and involvement in providing our employees a safe and healthful workplace. Compliance with the safety rules will be required of all employees as a condition of employment.

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